At S. Harris Ltd., we believe that historic preservation is an inherent act of sustainability. We are dedicated to the conservation and re-use of existing buildings, and our work in the field of preservation over the past 40 years has consistently promoted preservation as an environmentally viable and economically logical component of sustainability. 

It is our philosophy that existing buildings are a renewable resource.  We believe that longevity, or the ability to maintain something over time, defines sustainability in the truest sense.  We approach the rehabilitation of historic structures through an integrated approach to the cultural and economic aspects of sustainable development. Adapting a building to a new use enables innovative technologies to be incorporated into the buildings that already surround us, representing a pragmatic method of preserving our past while simultaneously meeting the needs and challenges of the future.

In October 2009, each of our team members became accredited as USGBC Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Green Associates.  Please visit our Current Projects page to learn more about our efforts to promote sustainable design through historic preservation.

Current Projects