Private Residence

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The project at 2037 Green Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania involved stabilizing the front façade of the brick masonry building. The building is located in an Historical District and the repairs were approved by the Historical Commission.
At the onset of the investigation, the wall was measured to be out of plumb. There were also two diagonal displacements of brick between the windows on the east side of the façade. Our involvement began in late 2005 and the structural stabilization was completed in the spring of 2006. 


We were retained by the property owner due to an unsafe structure violation that was received from the City of Philadelphia’s Licenses and Inspection Department. Upon investigation we learned that the building’s façade was salvageable in kind.

  • Investigated the structural instability of the front wall.
  • Developed repair method and provided construction documents.
  • Contracted the work and administered construction.
  • Responded to the Licenses and Inspection citation.
  • The repair method involved installing a series of star bolts to tie back to the structure.
  • The wall was reconstructed by removing and rebuilding the portion of brick that was displaced along diagonal cracks.
  • The brick reconstruction was minimal and utilized salvaged brick.
  • The violation from L&I was removed at the conclusion of the stabilization work.