Daniel L. Scholnick, Owner

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2111 Sergeant Street is a surviving modestly-sized industrial building consisting of two floors, brick masonry walls, and shallowly-pitched timber roof trusses.  The client wished to convert the building to residential apartments while retaining some of the rustic industrial charm..

The building was heavily distorted… several of the trusses had failed and were fractured… the exterior walls had bulged at the cornice lines as the trusses has also released any lateral restraint.. a portion of the second floor had collapsed due to water infiltration through the failed roof and a column had rotted so severely that there was no bearing.

  • Assess and determine what could be structurally salvaged.
  • Prepare design documents to stabilize and restore the structural integrity of the building.
  • Design repair details for the column and the trusses.
  • Provide construction documents based on comments for the approved work.
  • Install rods parallel to the trusses to simultaneously tie the opposing walls together and to reinforce the bottom chords of all the trusses.
  • Add material to inherently weak portions of the trusses and add steel repair items to splice together fractured items.
  • Replace the roof and install valleys and drains to direct storm water through and away from the building.
  • Repair the rooted column by what amounted to an timber extension of the surviving sound material above.
  • Level the second floor as much as practical given the extreme distortion of the members.