Madison Marquette Realty Service

Asbury Park, New Jersey


The Casino, constructed in 1928, is located on the southernmost end of the boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Jersey. It is a steel framed, masonry brick-clad structure that is currently unoccupied. The building has not been properly maintained and has fallen victim to the harsh saline environment. Starting at the far western part of the site, the building is divided into four main sections:
  • The Carousel is a circular, one-story, open air room.
  • The main Casino area has a partial second story with a newly installed barrel-shaped roof.
  • The Arcade is a one-story, open air thoroughfare over the Boardwalk.
  • The former Arena was demolished in 2006 and only a concrete slab on piles remains on the beach.
We were retained in the fall of 2007 to provide structural repairs to the roof over the Carousel area. Then we were asked to conduct a Conditions Assessment to identify deficiencies related to each building component and to provide our recommendations. Over time, as our involvement grew, we were named Site Engineer and Architect of Record for the building, overseeing all aspects of the ongoing restoration projects and acting as liaison between our client and the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office.  Most recently, we inspected and removed loose timber framing members in the Arcade. We prepared construction documents identifying additional unstable members for removal.

  • Conduct inspections and assessments of the structure-specifically, of the facade, roof, above ground drainage, doors and windows, and structural system.
  • Act as Site Engineer and Architect of Record for the project, approving all restoration work and coordinating the contractors on site.
  • Inspect and remove loose timber framing from the Arcade façade. Specify short term stabilization measures for the Arcade façade.
  • We prepared a Conditions Assessment report for the Casino complex, describing the existing conditions of all building components.
  • We identified the deficiencies related to each element, recommended repairs, and assigned a degree of priority to each problem.
  • We produced construction documents to provide steel reinforcement details for the existing framing of the roof over the Carousel area.
  • We performed an inspection and produced construction documents for the temporary stabilization of the Arcade façade, comprised of copper clad timber and decorative copper panels. Our priority was to salvage as much historic fabric as possible and pin back any loose structural members.
Eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The nomination process began in 2008.