Nevis Historical and Conservation Society 

Charleston, Nevis, West Indies


The Alexander Hamilton House, also known as the Trott House, is an early 19th century structure in Charleston, Nevis. The building is named as such because Alexander Hamilton was born within the confines of the property.


S. Harris & Co. was retained to assess the conditions of the house and to outline immediate and long term priorities to make the house function as a possible headquarters for the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society.

  • Conduct inspection and assessment of the structure, including but not limited to roof, drainage, and structural components.
  • Identify potentially deficiencies related to each element, recommended repairs, and assigned a degree of priority to each problem.
  • We created a comprehensive report describing the existing condition of all the various elements of the house.
  • Our high priority recommendations included: the reinforcement of the primary floor and the development of a specific fire plan.
  • Recommendations for the next one to three years included: redesign and replacement of the existing drainage system as well as the replacement of the roof and repair of the roof structure.
  • Recommendations for the next three to seven years included: ventilate the lower level. This is to be done after a thorough analysis of the consequences of cooling and/or dehumidification has been considered.