Lower Macungie Township

Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania


The Leister Farm Estate, located in Lower Macungie, PA, consists of a Main House, Dairy Barn, and nine smaller structures. The façade of the Main House is composed of brick masonry and painted timber accents, while the structure itself is primarily timber framework. The Dairy Barn is a typical banked barn fashioned with a stone masonry foundation and side walls, large timber truss framework, and red-painted bead board siding. Surrounding smaller structures on the property include cribs, smaller barns, a cottage, a well pump house, and sheds.


Our team was retained by Lower Macungie Township to conduct a conditions assessment of the entire estate with emphasis on the potential re-use of the Main House and Dairy Barn.

  • Conduct inspections and assessments of each structure on the property - specifically of the façade, roof, above-ground drainage, doors and windows, and structural system.
  • Identify potential issues related to rehabilitating the structures to bring them up to code.
  • Provide and prioritize options for future use of the structures with their respective cost implications.
  • We created individual reports for each building, describing the existing conditions of all the various elements of the house, barn, and surrounding structures.
  • We identified the deficiencies related to each element, recommended repairs, and assigned a degree of priority to each problem.
  • Linking the necessary repairs to each level of intervention, we quantified the recommendations and developed cost estimates so that the Township could make educated decisions and budget accordingly in order to maintain the property.