Madison Marquette Realty Service 

Asbury Park, New Jersey

The Sunset Avenue Pavilion is a two-story, steel framed building, situated along the Boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Jersey. It has a concrete and masonry façade and the unique feature of a second story, circular pop-up which is completely enclosed with windows.  The building, which formerely housed a hotel spa, is currently unoccupied and serves primarily as a storage facility.


Our team was retained in the fall of 2007 to conduct a conditions assessment of the building, with emphasis on the potential re-use of the first and second floors as restaurant and mercantile tenant spaces.

  • Conduct initial conditions assessment of the building, including the exterior envelope, façade, structural and mechanical systems, roof, and drainage.
  • Provide recommendations for structural improvements and repairs for the building as a whole with tenant occupancy as the intended future use.
  • Provide construction documents for increasing the live load capacity of the second floor to 100 psf.
  • We took full measurements and produced baseline drawings of the building, which did not exist prior to our survey.
  • We created an assessment report for the building describing the existing conditions of all its various components.
  • We identified the deficiencies related to each element, recommended repairs, and assigned a degree of priority to each issue.
  • Specifically, we recommended that the second floor framing be reinforced to increase the live load capacity to code compliant standards for assembly. In addition, we provided structural details for all recommended repairs.
  • We emphasized the importance of the implementation of mechanical systems, specifically a sprinkler system, which is required for any large assembly use.
  • We investigated the optimal potential location of an elevator.