Madison Marquette Realty Service 

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Pavilion Three is a one-story commercial building situated along the Boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Jersey. It currently houses multiple tenants. It is comprised of a combination of construction methods: reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete tee beams, and concrete masonry units.


We were retained in the fall of 2007 to act as Architect of Record and oversee the construction redevelopment of Pavilion Three. New tenant spaces were required, as was a new overall design for the building. The installation of new sunshades along the perimeter of the building presented a particular challenge with asymmetry and an inconsistent existing structure.

  • Conduct an initial conditions assessment of the building, including the exterior envelope, façade, structural and mechanical system, roof, and drainage.
  • Provide recommendations for structural improvements and repairs for the building as a whole.
  • Produce the structural component of construction documents and coordinate those documents with the base-building architect and MEP engineer.
  • Provide construction administration services, including conducting weekly production meetings, preparing meeting minutes, and coordinating work with architects and contractors.
  • Coordinate structural elements such as sunshades, storefronts, and structural framing.
  • Serve as Architect of Record and providing consultation and guidance to the client.
  • Produced construction documents for structural reinforcement of the roof framing and for the repair of several existing structural components.
  • A number of damaged concrete beams required repair. We designed a steel beam to support a damaged concrete twin tee. We recommended a non-shrink, non-metallic grout for stabilizing existing concrete spandrel beams.
  • Provided details for the reconstruction of a CMU stair tower.
  • Designed concrete footers for an outdoor stair, timber deck, and ramp.
  • Designed attachment details for the building’s new sunshades. This included procedures for accommodating each of the various unique features of the building which helped to facilitate their layout along the facade.